Monthly Archives: June 2016

You Are Not Who You Vote For

NOTE: I am committing to not writing anything more about the election (after this post). But if you are trying to avoid reading things about Trump, this is not the blog post for you. So this, it seems, is the world we live in. Last week, spurred by fears of immigrants overwhelming their borders, mostly […]

We Will Not Let Hate Win (A Pastoral Letter After Orlando)

Last night we saw many of you at the City Hall vigil, along with many thousand other Philadelphians, who were grieving the massacre of 50 queer folks at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando. Today, we gathered with religious leaders of faith in Philadelphia, along with Rev. Dr. William Barber II (of Moral Mondays), who […]

A Momentous Turn of Events

In agreeing to attend Carlos’ court case in late May, I had suspected that this would be the first of many opportunities to accompany him and his family members to court. I signed on to attend along with Pastor Amy, Pastor John, and Charlie with the hope that our presence might be a small comfort […]

Dying at Home

I wanted to share this memory of a powerful experience and learning at Project HOME from a few years back. Hardly had I passed through the door when I sensed an unusual serenity. The spacious community room was clean and well-lit. The walls were adorned with vividly-colored canvasses, the work of homeless artists. Some forty-odd […]