Notes to Self 1

The following are the reflections I had upon the transition of our congregational committees in June 2016. I shared these at our meeting where committee chairs and members were elected:

Notes to Self:

  1. Be grateful, and express gratitude for all the volunteers who serve on committees, and particularly the consistent, dependable, labor-intensive work of the hospitality and trustee committees.
  2. If a different/better/more efficient/greener/more professional/less entitled method seems obvious to me, and I feel the urge to enlighten the committee chair, PAUSE. There may be a whole process of thought behind the current method that I have no idea about. If, after I’ve paused for the possibility there are factors outside my perspective, share my thoughts respectfully, and without accusation or judgment, or even attachment to the outcome.
  3. Be grateful and express my gratitude.
  4. Offer to help and also respect boundaries and procedures.
  5. I may think I’m being funny with my offhand comments but it’s probably not funny to a busy Hospitality Committee member who is wondering if there are enough grapes for fellowship hour.
  6. If I’m bothered by something, I won’t make any side (or snide!) comments, and no passive aggressive snarks. Be direct, respectful, and timely.
  7. Be grateful and express my gratitude.


– Tina Burkholder

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