GMC Staff


Amy Yoder McGloughlin has been attending Germantown Mennonite Church since 1996.  Prior to becoming the Pastor of Germantown Mennonite on June 1, 2010, she worked in Child Welfare and Behavioral Health in the Philadelphia area.  Amy graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia in May 2010 and attributes her love for preaching and liturgy to her Lutheran sisters and brothers.

Amy is a self described church geek, and loves just about everything about church.  She believes that the Church gives us faint glimpses of all that God intended for humanity–relationships, connectedness, and lots of grace.

Amy has been married to Charlie for twenty two years, and they have two children, Willem and Reba.


Associate Pastor


Raised on the plains of central Kansas (traditional Osage/Niukonska lands), John Bergen is a third-generation Mennonite pastor, but don’t hold it against him. John has worked for Baptist and UCC churches and lived in Christian intentional community, and believes church always holds the possibility of practicing Jesus’ vision of a beloved community. John graduated from Oberlin College in northeast Ohio (traditional Wyandotte land) in May 2014. While he formally studied Religion (and is a huge history nerd), John was also educated in the statewide movement to end fracking, as well as efforts to create resources for people with mental illnesses and survivors of sexual violence.

A former member of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraqi Kurdistan and Palestine, John got his start protesting the invasion of Iraq when he was in middle school. In Philly since May 2015, John currently organizes against violence as it manifests in police violence and the prison system, intimate partner violence, and climate destabilization.

John enjoys playing folk music with friends, biking around Philly, and meeting new people over tea, beer, or a home-cooked meal. He would probably love to be your friend.

Office Manager

Michelle Bruhn has worked at Germantown Mennonite Church since July of 2012, and has been a member since 2014.  Although originally from Lancaster County, PA, she has also lived in California, Missouri, and Oklahoma. She studied Political Science at Millersville University, and earned a Masters Degree in International Relations from Missouri State.

When not in the church office, or working over at the Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust, Chelle can usually be found with her nose in a book, writing one of her own, or embarrassing her kids by telling really lame jokes. She loves to travel and is unabashedly addicted to coffee and cheesy television shows.

She will be in the office on Tuesdays 9AM-5PM, Thursdays 9AM-4PM, and Fridays from 9AM to 2PM. You can reach her by phone during regular office hours or anytime by email.