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Finding Faith in Each Other

Earlier this week, Amy and I went to see a presentation at the Germantown Jewish Centre by the organization Roots, which promotes dialogue and understanding between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank. Normally, I dislike these sort of organizations and don’t go to their events. When someone like Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger stands up […]

Notes to Self 1

The following are the reflections I had upon the transition of our congregational committees in June 2016. I shared these at our meeting where committee chairs and members were elected: Notes to Self: Be grateful, and express gratitude for all the volunteers who serve on committees, and particularly the consistent, dependable, labor-intensive work of the […]

Church Is Not An Easy Place For Me, And Yet…

Church is not an easy place for me to be. I grew up in church, or to be more exact; I lived in churches, planted churches, taught in churches, cooked in churches, performed in churches, cleaned in churches, burned out in churches. My parents were conservative, fundamentalist missionaries in Europe who felt called to save […]

Holding Those Who Bring Messages of Anger

This blog post was written in response to Pastor Amy’s sermon this past Sunday, “A Place for Rage.” Amy’s sermon yesterday triggered some powerful memories for me, and a concern for our community. During the contra war in Nicaragua in the 1980’s a friend of ours worked with Witness for Peace in communities in the […]

Welcoming, Sharing, and Messing Up

Throughout the summer, as a part of our Sunday service, we asked members of Germantown Mennonite to share an answer to the question “Why Church?” Each person brought a unique perspective on what brings them to church, what challenges them, and what “church” means to them. Christa Aikins-Hill shared this reflection on July 31. My […]

Is Donald Trump Welcome at GMC?

This might seem like a silly question. It’s unlikely Donald Trump would want to worship with us. This is the man, after all, who said he’s never had reason to ask God for forgiveness, and I doubt he’d appreciate our inclusive and welcoming call to faith. Still, plastered throughout our church is the motto that […]

For Those Unsure If They Can Mourn

Earlier this week, I called L, an organizer friend, to talk about our plans for the Democratic National Convention. I asked her how her summer was going. “Relentless,” she said. “It’s been relentless.” In the silence after L said that, I knew without asking exactly what she was talking about. We have been stumbling from […]