Museum of Art and Peace

Museum of Art and Peace LogoThe Museum of Art and Peace was established in 2011 as a project of Germantown Mennonite Church.

The Museum’s mission is to show contemporary art of the highest quality and explore the way visual creativity promotes ideas of peacemaking and social justice with a public program of changing exhibitions and projects.

The location within the Germantown Mennonite Church’s meeting space gives an added context. Dating back to 1683, Germantown Mennonite Church is the oldest Mennonite congregation in North America, and has consistently been at the forefront of the Anabaptist traditions of peacemaking and social justice.

Currently, The Museum of Art and Peace is directed by a volunteer committee of congregants who are arts professionals. Exhibitions change quarterly.


The Journey of Ten Paintings

Alex Orantes is a Salvadoran activist and painter who currently works to resettle persons returned to his country by deportation from the US. For many years North Americans have traveled to El Salvador to meet him and hear his
stories. As his paintings depicting the ancient and recent past of his country have become more famous, he has been offered many shows, but has made few sales, the reality being that most Salvadorans do not have the means to collect art.

Wanting to support and share his work, members of Cielo Azul, a non-profit that works on cultural exchange with El Salvador, arranged to purchase ten paintings with the intention of donating them to the New Sanctuary Movement and its member congregations.

The paintings will be on display at the Museum of Art and Peace through the month of July, after which they will be displayed in the NSM offices and partner churches.

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