GMC and MCC: Where do we go from here?

The Mennonite Central Committee is an Anabaptist relief and development agency that Germantown Mennonite Church has supported in the past. Recently, MCC’s enforcement of its “sex within heterosexual marriage only” employment policies have pushed us to rethink our commitments and relationship. At the same time, many in our church have had positive experiences working with MCC. Others are entirely new to this conversation! We will explore these questions together, both long-term members and newcomers alike.

October 9 – Stories from our congregation on what MCC has meant for them, with a time for open sharing about our experiences working with MCC. If you missed the discussion, click here.

October 16 – A visit from Bruce Campbell-Janz, the MCC East Coast Executive Director, to discuss the history of MCC, its mission and its hiring policies, with a time for questions. If you missed the discussion, you can hear Bruce’s comments here.

October 23 – Please join us for a potluck after Service with a facilitated discussion about our thoughts and feelings. This discussion will be used by our Peace & Social Concerns Committee in future decisions regarding MCC.