Youth Trip to Allentown: Follow Along From Home! 1

This past Sunday, we gathered in the center of our Sanctuary to bless youth and adults who are headed to Allentown and Chicago in the coming weeks. We laid hands on them, praying for their well-being and growth. Then, we all took bracelets as a reminder that God goes with us and that our church […]

What have we learned from talking about trauma, healing, and wholeness?

Well, this blog post is a bit late. Maybe, like healing, it happened when the time was right and not based on any schedule. Anyway… Adult Sunday School is sort of a strange critter at GMC. Downstairs, around the fake fireplace, lounging on an odd collection of couches and chairs, an even odder collection of […]

Why Freedom Pilgrimage?

Last June, a few of us in our Germantown Mennonite Church community gathered to talk about ourselves, the community, and race, which in the words of Jim Walls, is “America’s original sin.” I’ve come to feel that is a very accurate way to talk about it. How we might continue to understand what “white” culture […]

Finding Faith in Each Other

Earlier this week, Amy and I went to see a presentation at the Germantown Jewish Centre by the organization Roots, which promotes dialogue and understanding between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank. Normally, I dislike these sort of organizations and don’t go to their events. When someone like Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger stands up […]

Church Is Not An Easy Place For Me, And Yet…

Church is not an easy place for me to be. I grew up in church, or to be more exact; I lived in churches, planted churches, taught in churches, cooked in churches, performed in churches, cleaned in churches, burned out in churches. My parents were conservative, fundamentalist missionaries in Europe who felt called to save […]

Confessions of a Church Facilities Administrator

Something you realize quickly when working for a church, is that a church – the physical building itself, as well as the more intangible associations of a religious community – tend to attract people in need. Almost from my first day, I found myself answering the door for folks who needed help with bus fare […]