Dave Krueger

Richard Allen’s Struggle Against Fake News

During Black History Month, the Race & Privilege Committee invites you to reflect on how Spirit and Scripture have come alive in black history in our city. Each week, we will hear a short story of an important black leader in Philadelphia history, and how their life connects to the Scripture passages for that day. […]

The Conversion of a Teenage Homophobe

Having been raised in a small, conservative church in the Midwest, I was instilled with the notion that there was a clear distinction between “us” and “them.” There were certain people who were perceived as threatening to the true Christian faith. Liberals, atheists, pacifists, and city folks were often mentioned, but there was a special […]

King Abdullah, Student Exchange, and the Power of Interfaith Hospitality

Over the past three years, my family has had the privilege of hosting several Saudi students through a home-stay program affiliated with local universities. The current students we have come to know typically adhere to the strict Islamic guidelines of the Hanbali legal school. Most of them pray five times a day, attend the Friday […]