Dee Dee Risher

Why Freedom Pilgrimage?

Last June, a few of us in our Germantown Mennonite Church community gathered to talk about ourselves, the community, and race, which in the words of Jim Walls, is “America’s original sin.” I’ve come to feel that is a very accurate way to talk about it. How we might continue to understand what “white” culture […]

The Color of Orange

My son, sixteen, knows her son, eighteen. My (white) son, sixteen, knows her (black) son, eighteen. So we all know that what we are reading in the paper– the statement by the school district– is a lie. I am a poet, so I want to write something true even though it is not official and […]

GMC at 2014 People’s Climate March 1

On September 21st of last year, New York City lay host to the 2014 People’s Climate March, the largest march of its kind. 311,000 people came, they say, though that number may be off by one or two. Regardless, several Germantown members and attenders were among them. The Smithey family – that’s Jude and Lee […]