Youth Trip to Chicago: Reflect With Us! [Part 2/2]

Well, our first youth trip was a great success! We had a great time learning and playing and working with people from Ripple and Whitehall Mennonite churches. We had great conversations about community and God, and we saw different ways of doing church. I hope that you were able to follow along from home. Some […]

Youth Trip to Allentown: Follow Along From Home! 1

This past Sunday, we gathered in the center of our Sanctuary to bless youth and adults who are headed to Allentown and Chicago in the coming weeks. We laid hands on them, praying for their well-being and growth. Then, we all took bracelets as a reminder that God goes with us and that our church […]

Let Them Eat Cake: The Extravagance Of Gospel Justice

Several years ago when I was at college, a group of friends were planning to celebrate a dormmate’s birthday. Part of the festivities would be, of course, the obligatory birthday cake. We went so far as to order an elegant, decorated cake from a highly reputable bakery. A few hours before the party, we drove […]

Confessions of a Church Facilities Administrator

Something you realize quickly when working for a church, is that a church – the physical building itself, as well as the more intangible associations of a religious community – tend to attract people in need. Almost from my first day, I found myself answering the door for folks who needed help with bus fare […]

Crazy as the Gospel

Everyone thought James Beam was crazy. Perhaps they were right. James was a local legend in my home town. He “hung out” in downtown Rockford, Illinois, a dilapidated city center commercially orphaned in the age of malls and suburban sprawl. James acted as a kind of informal chaplain to Rockford’s social misfits: the homeless, the […]