Leon Sullivan: Using the Power We Have

During Black History Month, the Race & Privilege Committee invites you to reflect on how Spirit and Scripture have come alive in black history in our city. Each week, we will hear a short story of an important black leader in Philadelphia history, and how their life connects to the Scripture passages for that day. […]

Notes to Self 1

The following are the reflections I had upon the transition of our congregational committees in June 2016. I shared these at our meeting where committee chairs and members were elected: Notes to Self: Be grateful, and express gratitude for all the volunteers who serve on committees, and particularly the consistent, dependable, labor-intensive work of the […]

Is Donald Trump Welcome at GMC?

This might seem like a silly question. It’s unlikely Donald Trump would want to worship with us. This is the man, after all, who said he’s never had reason to ask God for forgiveness, and I doubt he’d appreciate our inclusive and welcoming call to faith. Still, plastered throughout our church is the motto that […]

We Will Not Let Hate Win (A Pastoral Letter After Orlando)

Last night we saw many of you at the City Hall vigil, along with many thousand other Philadelphians, who were grieving the massacre of 50 queer folks at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando. Today, we gathered with religious leaders of faith in Philadelphia, along with Rev. Dr. William Barber II (of Moral Mondays), who […]

Dancing In The Marketplace

Note: This is a continuation of something I wrote a few weeks ago, you can read that here. Can we talk for a minute about love? Not some disembodied false “Christian” love, but the kind that makes us want to get up and dance? The love that brought out over a hundred high school students […]