What have we learned from talking about trauma, healing, and wholeness?

Well, this blog post is a bit late. Maybe, like healing, it happened when the time was right and not based on any schedule. Anyway… Adult Sunday School is sort of a strange critter at GMC. Downstairs, around the fake fireplace, lounging on an odd collection of couches and chairs, an even odder collection of […]

Finding Faith in Each Other

Earlier this week, Amy and I went to see a presentation at the Germantown Jewish Centre by the organization Roots, which promotes dialogue and understanding between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank. Normally, I dislike these sort of organizations and don’t go to their events. When someone like Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger stands up […]

Holding Those Who Bring Messages of Anger

This blog post was written in response to Pastor Amy’s sermon this past Sunday, “A Place for Rage.” Amy’s sermon yesterday triggered some powerful memories for me, and a concern for our community. During the contra war in Nicaragua in the 1980’s a friend of ours worked with Witness for Peace in communities in the […]

An Intimate, Incomplete Resurrection

Two weeks ago, as so many of us gathered around tables to feast on the delicious Easter potluck, I sat down with Risher/O’Brien family to hear about the sunrise service they had been to earlier in the morning (such dedication!). Will remarked that he was struck by how every story of Jesus post-Resurrection is intimate […]

Passing in Hebron

In the course of the months of preparation for the interfaith delegation to Palestine, the Jews and Christians from Philadelphia got a chance to get to know each other, talk about the itinerary, and meet with Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) staffer John Bergen, who described his experience on the ground. But we didn’t know one […]